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The long experience of Travelway’s staff and the confidence leading cruise lines have shown to us has classified us as one of the leading organizations in the area of designing and operating shore excursions, tours, turnaround services as well as Pre & Post Cruise hotel stays.

Professionally licensed guides and escorts Travelway has amassed over the years a very select group of guides and escorts has been carefully selected and trained by Mrs. Kapi Hambas (World Federation of Tourist Guide Associations - International trainer). We offer guide services in all major languages.

We use only deluxe motor coaches and the best restaurant and refreshment venues, wherever applicable, in all ports of call.

Shore Excursions

Designing and operating off the beaten track shore excursions from all ports of call  in Greece

Apart from all the well-known shore excursion programs in the marquee ports, we have developed a range of off-the-beaten-track tours from all the ports of call in Greece.

Special Interest Tours We can work with our clients to create special interest tours such as excursions with Architectural, Religious, Gastronomic, Nature and Adventure themes.

Tour Innovation In line with today’s sensitivities and awareness, Travelway has developed a series of Sustainable Tourism Tours in various destinations of Greece that highlight the fact that we can have tourism and still protect the environment.

Fully researched and carefully planned, our  shore excursions ofer exceptional value. The sites we propose are unique and often so diverse, in a land characterized by continuous scenery changes and dramatic contrasts!

We are constantly working on new ideas, different ‘special interest’ tours and other activities so as to attract repeaters as well. Our aim is to offer passengers – at the very short time they have at their disposal – unique experiences.

Ports of call in Greece we can offer services: 

Aegina, Agios Nikolaos, Alexandroupoli, Amorgos, Andros, Athens, (Piraeus), Chania, (Souda), Chios, Corfu, Corinth, Gythion, Heraklion, Hydra, Igoumenitsa, Ios, Itea, Ithaki, Kalamata, Kastellorizo, Katakolon, (Olympia), Kavala, Kefalonia, Kos, Kythira, Lavrion, Lefkada, Lemnos, Milos, Monemvassia, Mykonos, Mytiline (Lesvos), Nauplion, Naxos, Paros, Patmos, Patra, Piraeus, (Athens), Poros, Preveza, Pylos, Rethymnon, Rhodes, Samos, Santorini, Sitia, Skiathos, Skopelos, Spetses, Symi, Syros, Thessaloniki, Volos, Zakynthos.


Passenger Turnarounds are sensitive and complicated operations. Our network of specially trained and experienced multilingual staff assists in every detail of the embarkation and disembarkation procedures, thereby, ensuring a faultless operation

Pre & Post City Stays and Land Tours We have been working very closely for many years with all the well-known hotels in Athens and all over Greece and as a result have a wide experience in contracting accommodation at the most competitive rates. Our highly trained staff manning the Hospitality Desk aim to maximize optional tour sales on your behalf, as well as offering the best quality service to your valued clients.

As a perfect introduction or conclusion to a wonderful cruise, we can help you design the perfect land tour to compliment a cruise-holiday in Greece. Whether it is island hopping or discovering the treasures of the mainland, we use the best guides and tour leaders for your clients’ enjoyment.

Port Agency Services Our affiliated company provides port agency services upon request. 

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One of the closest islands to Athens and Piraeus port is bustling Aegina. With fine beaches and local colour, the most important site is the Doric Temple of Aphaia built in 480 BC.
This charming resort town is known primarily for its proximity to Elounda, Spinalonga and Eastern & Central Crete’s rich archaeological offering.
Located close to the Turkish border, Alexandroupolis attracts a special interest visitor. This commercial city has a large port and the highlights of the area are the Evros Delta and the nearby Thracian villages and towns.
The Cyclades’ easternmost island, Amorgos has a uniquely rugged landscape and the exceptionally beautiful 11th C Hozoviotissa Monastery.
A surprisingly verdant island on its east coast, Andros is better known for its charming capital, Hora, and the Goulandris Museum of Modern Art.
Frequently referred to as the Cradle of Western Civilization, Athens today is a monument to its historic past and a busy metropolis. The imposing Acropolis with its architectural gem the Parthenon, the Ancient Agora and the Panatheniac Stadium of Olympic fame and the city’s many museums are just a few of this historic city’s sights.
The Old Harbour and the surrounding Old Quarter of Chania attest to its Venetian heritage. From the port of Souda it is just a short ride to Crete’s most beautiful city.
This rich island is home to the mastic tree and is famous for its many seafarers. Chios Town is filled with reminders of its long history and its Genoese past. Of major importance are the UNESCO World Heritage Site of the Nea Moni Monastery in the nearby foothills and fascinating medieval villages throughout the island.
This Ionian island is a legendary stopover dating from the days of Odysseus. Corfu’s Old Town, boasting Venetian and British influences, is truly a gem recognized by UNESCO as a World Heritage site.
The strategic location of Acrocorinth gave the Ancient Corinthians their political and economic power and today’s excavated site manifests the city’s importance. In the 19th C Corinth became a commercial and agricultural hub and an important port for the export trade of its renowned currants. Located close by are the famous Isthmus and ancient Nemea.
Considered one of the most picturesque villages of the Cyclades, Hora sits on a cliff overlooking the Aegean. The medieval Castle, the shady squares and the many houses donning the explosive colours of bougainvillea blooms greet visitors to this off-the-beaten track island.
This small town is gateway to Sparta, Byzantine Mystras, with its palaces, churches, monasteries and impressive fortifications, as well as to the rugged Mani peninsula with its charming tower villages.
Crete’s largest city is the gateway to Minoan Knossos, site of King Minos’ Palace and the Labyrinth. Koules Fortress in the Venetian harbour, the Archaeological Museum, the Morosini Lion Fountain and the shop-lined pedestrian streets are just a few of Heraklion’s highlights.
Picture-perfect Hydra with its many historic mansions, is amphitheatrically built around its yacht-filled harbour. No cars are allowed on the island and the town’s narrow streets are a pedestrian’s paradise with many hidden shops, cafés and restaurants to discover.
A busy port on the northwest corner of Greece, Igoumenitsa is at the start of the east-west Egnantia Highway that gives quick access to historic Ioannina, rural Metsovo and the amazing Monasteries of Meteora.
A very popular island and very typically Cycladic, with its white-washed houses and cubic architecture, Ios has great beaches and astonishing views to the Aegean from its hill capital Hora.
Located on the northern shores of the Gulf of Corinth, Itea is a sleepy seaside town. A few kilometres beyond, is the impressive archaeological site of Delphi, with its amazing views over the sloped dense olive groves and down to the sea.
Home of the legendary Odysseus, today Ithaki is still a sailor’s haven with many yachts visiting throughout the year. Slow paced and ideal for a leisurely stroll through Vathy’s narrow streets and alleys.
Famous for its olives and many other high-quality agricultural products, Kalamata is an attractive city with a seaside promenade, wide boulevards and café-filled squares. Nearby are the important ruins of ancient Messene.
This small island marks Greece’s furthermost south-eastern boundary and is named after the historic Castello Rosso that once protected the entrance of the island’s large harbour. Its busy waterfront is perfect for enjoying fresh seafood and catching up with the day’s news from the locals.
A tiny fishing village, Katakolon quickly gained fame for its port and its proximity to Olympia, one of Greece’s most famous ancient sites. The many waterfront taverns offer truly delicious fresh seafood.
One of Greece’s prettiest cities, Kavala is well known for its seafood and many delicacies. The Byzantine Castle and arched Roman aqueduct are characteristic features of this city and of great importance is the nearby site of Ancient Filippi, once Alexander’s capital and now a UNESCO World Heritage site.
The largest of the Ionian group of islands, Kefalonia is famous for its pristine beaches, its charming villages and its quirky inhabitants. Argostoli features many neoclassical buildings and wide palm lined avenues.
Kos Town was once an important outpost of the Knights of St John, who built its still surviving massive harbour castle to protect the island and surrounding sea routes. Nearby and in an imposing location, the amazing 4th C site of Asklipeion was a healing centre practising the teachings of Hippocrates, father of modern medicine.
Located south of the Peloponnese, this small island and its high-perched Hora is built around a Venetian castle overlooking Kapsali Bay. Of interest is the village of Mylopotamos, with its shady plane trees and waterfall.
On the southeast coast of the Attica Peninsula and once famous for its silver mines, today’s Lavrion has a pleasant waterfront with a busy marina and fishing harbour and is a stone’s throw away from Cape Sounion and the Temple of Poseidon.
Connected to the mainland by causeway, Lefkada is a busy yachting hub surrounded by many smaller islands and islets, ideal for leisure sailing. The beaches of Lefkada and the village of Nydri are worth a visit.
The island capital and main port, Myrina, can best be appreciated from its hilltop castle that also offers spectacular views of the North Aegean. During the WWI Gallipoli campaign, the village of Moudros, a Commonwealth base and today there are two military cemeteries there and commemorative plaques honouring the ANZAC Forces.
The volcanic nature of the island has created unique rock formations, a moon-like landscape and dramatic beaches. The famous Venus de Milo, now housed at the Louvre in Paris, was unearthed here in 1820. Also notable are the catacombs in the village of Trypiti.
The origins of this small fortified town go back to the 8th C Byzantine rule. Past the modern-day village is the road to the single-entry gate leading through the town walls and into a medieval labyrinth of cobbled streets, hidden treasures and glorious sea views.
Greece’s most famous party island and a must stop for all visitors to the Aegean’s Cycladic archipelago. White-washed houses, characteristic windmills, busy shop lined streets, endless bars and cafés, many stunning beaches, all mix perfectly with the vibrant lifestyle of Mykonos. Nearby Delos is an ideal visit for archaeology lovers.
Famous for its superb olive oil, ouzo and delicious sardines, Mytiline offers visitors a bustling town experience with many mansions of a bygone era. The island of Lesvos is astounding, with its endless olive groves, varied landscapes, hot springs, medieval castles and traditional villages. Also, of note is the island’s unique cuisine.
Justifiably one of the mainland’s most beautiful cities, Nauplion is crowned by Acronauplia and the Venetian Palamdi Fortress, whilst its bay features the fortified islet of Bourtzi. Nearby significant sites are Mycenae, Tiryns and Epidaurus.
The largest of the Cyclades group, this fertile island combines the busy waterfront town of Hora and its charming old quarter Kastro, dating from the 12th C. Naxos is famous for its miles of sandy beaches and its many quaint villages, making it a popular vacation choice.
The 4th C Panagia Ekatontapyliani Church (Our Lady of the One Hundred Gates) in Parikia is arguably one of the most famous churches in all of the Aegean. Other Paros’ highlights are the colourful fishing village of Naoussa and the hill top village of Lefkes.
The Cave of the Apocalypse and the impressive Monastery of St John that dominates Hora are the major attractions of Patmos, along with the rare architectural beauty of its hilltop capital. The island appeals to many special interest travellers and offers excellent seafood at the local tavernas.
A bustling port city, Patras also has a hidden charm found along its many arcaded streets and beautiful old buildings. The Roman Odeon, and the Cathedral of Agios Andreas and the world’s longest suspended Rion-Antirrion Bridge are among the city’s landmarks.
Piraeus has been the port of Athens since the 5th C BC. A historic city in its own right, Piraeus is often bypassed on the way to the capital. Today, it is one of the busiest Mediterranean passenger ports, and its city has a plethora of cafés, restaurants and nightlife options. Piraeus also has a series of smaller yacht-filled harbours along the coastline to Faliron.
Located next to the Peloponnesian coast, Poros is actually two islands connected by road. A popular stopover for yachts of all types departing from Athens, the most noticeable landmark in the town is the Clock Tower and, on the pine-clad “twin” island, an 18th C Monastery with beautiful views.
The legendary sea battle of Actium took place just off Preveza’s coast in 31 BC, pitting Anthony and Cleopatra’s against Octavian. After his victory, Octavian built Nikopolis, City of Victory, very close to modern Preveza. The nearby Ambracian Gulf is a protected natural habitat ideal for bird watching.
A quaint town on Navarino Bay, Pylos’ history goes back to the Mycenaean period. The town’s importance comes from the fertile Messinian countryside and the abundance of nearby historic and ancient sites.
Built around the 16th C Venetian Fortezza, Rethymnon has a charm of its own. The city’s history and successive occupations are reflected in the Old Quarter’s architecture with its many landmarks.
The UNESCO World Heritage listed Old Town of Rhodes is one of the largest and well-preserved medieval settlements in Europe. The 14th C Grand Master’s Palace, the Avenue of the Knights and Amboise Gate are just a few of the highlights of this fabled island.
One of the Aegean’s greenest islands, Samos is known primarily as the birthplace of Pythagoras. The island has many important archaeological sites, its excellent wine, picturesque villages and many superb beaches.
The spectacular view of the cliff perched Fira as one sails into Santorini’s sunken caldera is truly unforgettable. The island’s famed produce, fruits of its volcanic soil, are unique quality fava beans, tomatoes and wine. From the black sanded beaches, to the excavations at Akrotiri, to the island’s famous terraced architecture, a short visit will not suffice.
Eastern Crete’s busy market town of Sitia is the gateway to the antiquities of Zakros, the 15th C Monastery of Toplou and the palm forest at Vai beach. The seafront cafés are ideal for a taste of the local fresh seafood.
This pine covered island and its town reflect the architecture of the mainland’s Mt Pelion. Skiathos has an abundance of beautiful sandy beaches and resort villages.
A fertile island with vineyards, olive groves and orchards, Skopelos is also known for its many monasteries and pebbled beaches.
The Old Harbour of Spetses, the impressive mansions dating from the 19th C, the busy Dapia waterfront and its proximity to Piraeus make it one of the most popular weekend getaway spots for wealthy Athenians.
The multicoloured houses and the harbour of Symi make this pretty island a photographer’s and sailor’s paradise. Also, noteworthy is the Monastery of Taxiarhis.
The affluence Syros once enjoyed is evidenced by the many neoclassical buildings and homes in its capital, Ermoupolis. The impressive Town Hall, the magnificent replica of Milan’s La Scala, the marbled-lined streets make for an interesting contrast to the medieval quarter of Ano Syros.
Greece’s second largest city has a history that spans many centuries. The Early Christian and Byzantine monuments of Thessaloniki, all on UNESCO’s World Heritage listings, the Roman Rotunda, the Arch of Galerius and the White Tower on the city’s promenade are just a few of the sites that one can see in this wonderful and very lively city.
Another city of Greece with a busy waterfront, Volos is the eastern gateway to Kalambaka and the Meteora Monasteries. The villages of Mt Pelion on the city’s outskirts have a unique architectural style, with many stone-built houses with grey slate roofs. Volos is also famous for delicious seafood.
The island’s most photographed beach Navagio, meaning shipwreck, brings visitors from around the world to this verdant island. The beautiful beaches and the mild climate make Zakynthos a popular holiday destination.
  1. Acropolis in Athens, Attica
  2. Archaeological Site of Aigai (Vergina), Macedonia
  3. Temple of Apollo Epicurius at Vassae, Peloponesse
  4. Sanctuary of Asklepios at Epidaurus, Peloponesse
  5. Mount Athos, Macedonia
  6. Old Town of Corfu, Ionian Islands
  7. Monastery of Dafni, Attica
  8. Delos, Cyclades Islands
  9. Archaeological Site of Delphi, Central Greece
  10. Monasteries of Meteora, Thessaly
  11. Archaeological Site of Mycenae, Peloponesse
  12. Monastery of Nea Moni in Chios, North Aegean Islands
  13. Archaeological Site of Olympia, Peloponesse
  14. Monastery of Osios Loukas, Central Greece
  15. Historic Center (Chora) of Patmos with the Monastery of St John the     Theologian and the Cave of the Apocalypse, Dodekanese
  16. Archaeological Site of Philippi, Macedonia
  17. Pythagoreion & Heraion on Samos, North Aegean Islands
  18. Medieval City of Rhodes, Dodekanese
  19. Paleochristian & Byzantine Monuments of Thessaloniki, Macedonia
  20. Archaeological Site of Tiryns, Peloponesse